Team Sophy Certificate of Appreciation

Team Sophy Certificate of Appreciation towards her Cystic Fibrosis Vest

Ackers Family Testimonial

Dear Sharlene & all Members of Charity2 Charity

As I write this email I have happy tears in my eyes.  Something amazing happened for my Son Brayden this week.  Because of the generosity and tireless efforts of the wonderful committee and many volunteers at Charity2Charity Brayden was able to receive an iPad.  Brayden is 14 and has severe uncontrolled epilepsy and many associated issues that go along with that, he has many struggles in his daily life which is hard as a Parent to watch.  Because of the unpredictability of his seizures, he misses out on quite a few fun things that he wants to do.  Brayden still amazes me every day with his willingness to just get on with life with a smile on his face most days.  I truly believe he was born with the personality to cope with this disorder he has.

We as a family thank you so much for the gift of his iPad, he absolutely loves it already.  It will certainly help in areas where he is struggling with his learning and also be a companion for him when he is at home recovering from his seizure clusters.  The smile on his face when Sharlene presented him with the iPad was priceless for me.  Since he has received it, he keeps saying to me “Mum, I’m so lucky to have an iPad” 

Once again, thank you to Sharlene and all at Charity2Charity, the work you do is amazing!!  I know how hard fundraising is, certainly not an easy achievement and the lives you are making better for all you do is fantastic, very much appreciated.

With heartfelt gratitude

Lyn, Daryl, Brayden & Kelsey Ackers


Sheppard Family Testimonial

Dear Charity2Charity, Sharlene, Kate and Lisa,

Xavier, Juliette and I would like to thank you for your generous donation of $350. Because of your kindness we were able to purchase a Medifab Green Bathe Bathing System.

Juliette Simone is two and a half years old, she is our big girl. Recently we had a little sister for Juliette called Daphne Johanna who is five weeks old.

Juliette was born with a mosaic deletion of the chromosome 7 of which includes Williams Syndrome and Epilepsy. Juliette’s syndrome has caused low muscle tone in her torso and arms, because of this she has only recently learnt to sit on her own but still is unable to crawl or walk. She has delayed development and her speech is of a 6 month old.

She is a very happy little girl who loves to stand on her feet with the help of us and is a little mermaid in the water. When Juliette goes swimming her feet hit the water and for a moment she stops and thinks … then she gives off a loud shriek and at the same time her tongue sticks out with absolute excitement.

She has had a tough little life so far like a lot of children with a disability but I admire her strength and she is so brave.
We do not know what to expect from Juliette but with her determination I believe we will see wonders and she will constantly bring us joy and laughter and so much more!

The bath aid will not only assist us to bathe Juliette as she is getting very heavy and long but will allow Juliette longer play time in the bath and enjoy outdoor activities in the water.

Xavier and I are so very grateful for your support.

Thanks again for your kindness.

Amber, Xavier, Juliette and Daphne Sheppard. Xx