How Charity 2 Charity Help


Hayley Bennetts was born 14thMarch 2004.  Immediately after birth, she failed to take her first breath by herself.  After numerous tests (MRIs and EEGs) her parents Sharlene and Paul were informed that Hayley would likely remain in a vegetative state because she had moderate-to-severe brain damage and would require specialist care.

Hayley's parents immediately began treatment - physiotherapy and massage - enlisting the support of council therapists, private therapists (great though, extremely expensive) and with therapists from various specialist organisations.  Although Hayley has been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, she has so far proven wrong her original diagnosis. She continues to develop and amaze not only her parents but all of those who surround her. 

Equipment is expensive and early in 2007 Paul and Sharlene were looking at a “shopping list” of near $20,000 for items including a David Hart Walker at $12,000.  Expenses like this will continue throughout Hayley's life.

Paul and Sharlene decided to take matters into their own hands.  What started out as small idea of a golf day with family and friends to raise funds for Hayley became larger than life.  Using business contacts, work colleagues, friends and family, they started planning a major fundraising activity - a Corporate Charity Golf Day including dinner and a memorabilia auction. 

Enlisting the help of friends family and other organisations, the inaugural Challenge was born.  Computer Associates ensured the success of the event by being the major sponsor.

In 2008, Sharlene & Paul formed a non-profit organisation 'Charity 2 Charity'. They formed a committee to assist in the running of the events in order to offer a bigger and better experience for their corporate sponsors and guests, thus increasing the amount of support to children with disabilities. 

Charity 2 Charity extends a warm welcome to any past and future supporters. 


A family including a mum, a dad and their 20 month old boy who has a disability. For a variety of reasons the family are isolated, with extended family still living overseas, and cultural differences making interaction in the local community a difficult and distressing experience.

In this family's culture having a child with a disability brings shame. The mother grieves her son's disability, and is constantly found in tears when therapists, visit the home. The father takes the family car to work each day, while the mother stays at home caring for her son.  The mother rarely leaves the family home, and has no friends, and so no one with whom she can discuss her needs, hopes and fears.

With a lot of encouragement from the family services co-ordinator, and with the support of the child's father, we were able to use funds to provide taxi transport to the pool for the mother and her son, so  that he could attend one of our hydrotherapy groups (with the pool also hired through use of the funds). For cultural reasons, the mother was unable to enter the water, so she entrusted us with her son, and sat by the edge of the pool never taking her eyes off him. Like most children who enter the pool, this little boy was soon having as much fun as he had ever had in his life.

There was a lot of splashing accompanied by a lot of smiles. We looked up to see his mum watching us with an enormous smile on her face - something we hadn't ever seen before. So, while that day involved just 30 or 40 dollars from the fund, it provided an extremely priceless gift for that family.

Due to the funds raised at the inaugural Charity 2 Charity Challenge this was made possible.